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AQ & A with our suppliers Talalay

Kevin Stein and Derek are latex Bobowick International, the largest producer of natural Talalay in the world (and the only in the United States). What follows is a nuts and bolts of Q & A session we did with them recently.

Is there any difference in sensation or texture between the natural and synthetic Talalay? If so, how would you describe yourself?

Natural latex is a bit more "lively" a synthetic / natural blend.

Not that produces natural Talalay more than one plant in the U.S.?

From now on, only one plant where natural Talalay poured in Shelton, Connecticut.

What tests are performed in the crude rubber as it arrives tanker trucks, to ensure that quality is acceptable?

We run four tests on each batch of latex, as it enters our facility. We tested the pH, temperature, viscosity and solids. Our testing is comprehensive to ensure that it is really the best latex and is of consistent quality.

It can describe the "washing" process sheets of latex that are fresh from the production line?

Der the latex mold is placed in the process of washing and "Spatula." This process of washing and squeegee occurs five times for each piece of latex to eliminate proteins.

[ Savvy Rest in mind: Some people are allergic to rubber proteins].

What is the "washing" process of their own molds? How often does that happen?

The molds are cleaned on a scheduled basis or as needed. Boil the mold that occurs about every two weeks.

What makes it different from natural latex to produce a synthetic form of latex mixed?

Natural latex is no more difficult to produce, but the process takes longer due to the higher density of natural latex foam. The firmness with the density is different in natural latex vs synthetic latex and natural latex used more kilos of latex per piece.

Why do you think theTalalay latex production process, better than the Dunlop process?

In the process Dunlop latex tends to settle to the bottom, so the top of a sheet of latex Dunlop will be softer, especially in the top 2 "If, for example, 6" piece of latex is poured. Moreover, Talalay is more consistent than the Dunlop from top to bottom. Has a better cell structure with lower density, because the Talalay process uses less material.

Has the growth of international relations Savvy Rest Latex influence of these quality control measures over the years?

Savvy rest has been demanding quality produce latex. We have always advocated lean production to produce the best in the world latex and other requirements Savvy made us look at all aspects of our operation more closely.

What additional controls are added quality control for Savvy Rest orders?

We handle products more carefully and efficiently because of their input.

How is it that ensures that every piece of latex is not outside the range determined ILD?

A Unlike Dunlop manufacturers and manufacturers of regular foam, which do not produce a density. The density is only one measure of pounds per cubic foot. Our goal is not making products that weigh the same, our goal is to make products that feel the same. The ILD is determined by sentiment, not the density. To this end, each core is measured ILD in several places to ensure it is within tolerance.

How to start and check for tears that sometimes seems?

We examined 100% of our product just before the measurement of ILD, the verification of all six sides of cracks or other imperfections.

What makes or yellow latex deteriorate over a long period of time or when exposed to air for a shorter time?

All latex foam is affected by oxidation. Cross-linking bonds are broken.

We have seen 3 "Talalay smaller natural variations in the height of natural Dunlop, but how do you handle the high variations in the latex, or when parts cut in half do not have the same thickness?

Latex is difficult to cut perfectly every time, because the latex is extended, making it more difficult to cut the foam. It is natural to extend the same reason that the latex is adjusted to the body and polyurethane foam. We handle variations in height, putting together the right sizes (queen, king, etc) before they cut to the thickness, to ensure consistency in a bed.

Why a 3 "core has a different ILD a 6" core?

ILD is used as an evaluation of manufacturing product of 'a firm in a specific set of conditions.

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